Redesigning the Interface

Making software make sense to everyone. Keynote from Strange Loop 2013.

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Adventures in Prototyping

How to make simple, solid HTML/CSS prototypes.


The Superhero's Guide to Avoiding Community Burnout

How to effectively handle debate, conflict and strife within communities and still push forward for progress.

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Teaching Our CSS To Play Nice

Discussing CSS organization, tools and best practices across large projects and teams.

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How To Change the World with a Girl and a Computer

My story about coming to a career in technology and how we can create ways to encourage and support women doing the same.

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Straight-Up Design

Digging deeper into the design process by providing resources and tools beginners can use to improve their own projects.


Unlocking the Clubhouse

Developing software education and practices for diverse beginners. Looking at the statistics of minorities in technology and the experiences of people creating new communities dedicated to bringing more diverse beginners into the field.