Rediscovering the Twilight Zone

14 March 2019

Like many people my age, I grew up with pieces of The Twilight Zone embedded in my imagination like sharp, shiny stones. Regularly occurring television show reruns and marathons deposited layer upon layer of dreams and nightmares and lessons that years later would be almost indistinguishable from the dreams and nightmares and lessons that reality supplied. It all matters the same, no matter where it came from. Stories are as real as anything and they last for a reason.

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Books I Read in February

1 March 2019

February was not only a short month but a light reading month for me. My Goodreads yearly challenge “on schedule” number is very disappointed in me. I’ll pick up in the coming month. But here are the things I read in February.

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Using Twitter Cards with a Jekyll Site

23 February 2019

It took far too long to occur to me that the image and text previews for links that showed up on Twitter were not in fact some bit of inscrutable and fickle Twitter magic but technical factors which I, a humble web developer, could control. But when it did finally occur to me, I managed to figure out fairly quickly how to control them.

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Books I Read in January

30 January 2019

Every week in my newsletter I include a list of books I’m reading. I used to include longform recommendations, but that got tedious, plus often I read books I don’t particularly want to recommend. I cast a wide net, and sometimes what I read is mostly worthwhile as part of a large, diverse whole rather than outstanding individual items. However, I missed having a place to say things about single books. So here we are.

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Keeping a Media Log

6 January 2019

Two years ago, I came across filmmaker Steven Soderbergh’s list of everything he read or watched in 2016. As it turns out, he’s been tracking and posting such yearly lists on his blog since 2009. Incidentally, his blog is called the “Soderblogh,” which is the only justifiable use of the word “blog” I have found thus far in my life.

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Things I Did in 2018

28 December 2018

The ends of years are exciting times for someone like me who loves to log, record and plan. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day I generally devote to gathering materials for the coming year (new planner and notebooks), sorting out my goals and progress lists (I keep a wealth of information stored once in spreadsheets, now in Airtable) and tallying up my media logs (I might miss my yearly book reading goal, but I crushed my film watching one, so we’ll call it square).

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Things I Liked in 2018

21 December 2018

I don’t keep up with enough brand-new books, films, etc. to make comprehensive best-of lists at the end of the year. But here’s a list of various things from 2018 that I liked. Some of these I’ve mentioned in my newsletter or on Twitter, but I tried specifically to highlight things I might not have talked about much. So maybe you’ll find some hidden gems in the bunch.

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