The Great Big Horror Movie List

30 October 2020

So it’s the traditional horror movie season. I know this is coming in late for the season, but think of it as an invitation to extend the season: Stay inside and keep the horrors outside at bay.

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How To Keep Believing in the Internet

19 February 2020

About three weeks into the new year, I figured out that my personal internet was too loud. By “personal internet,” I mean my regular round of Twitter, websites and other social media. I don’t consume as much online as some people do, or even as much as I used to myself, and for a long time, this had me convinced that my time on the internet was harmless and not worth examining. Until I did examine it. And ended up taking a month’s vacation from much of it.

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Books I Read in December

30 January 2020

I started these monthly rundowns of books I read about a year ago, because I had stopped writing longer descriptions of what I was reading in my weekly newsletter and I missed summarizing my thoughts. I’ve since picked up longer newsletter descriptions again, so I’m not sure if I’ll keep these posts. But I might! I never mention every single book I read in my newsletters. We shall see. At least, with this post, I finished out a full year.

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Things I Liked in 2019

1 January 2020

While I like lists, I’m not that interested in best-of lists. Making them, at least. I never feel I’m capable of making one both comprehensive and correct enough to earn the title; not only it is virtually impossible to absorb every single item in a category in order to rank it, such rankings can hardly be objective enough to reflect a platonically pure “best.” Best then to just avoid it all and make a list of deeply subjective, gloriously biased favorites. In that spirit, here are a bunch of things I liked in 2019.

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Books I Read in November

4 December 2019

I’ve got thirty books to read before the end of December to meet my yearly reading goal and … that’s probably not going to happen. But I press onward nevertheless. Here’s what I read in November.

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Books I Read in October

4 November 2019

As I’ve tallied up the books I’ve read in these monthly posts, I’ve thrown in the screenplays I’ve read as well. They might not be technically books, especially given the fact that I’m reading most of them as PDFs, but I’m reading them and they’re worth talking about, so in the lists they go. I’m also linking directly to the PDFs of the screenplays so that you can play along at home if you are so inclined.

Here are the books (and screenplays) I read in October.

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The Weird, the Wild and the Horrific

26 October 2019

Happy Halloween season, let’s watch weird movies. I put together a list of my favorite possibly overlooked horror-ish films currently streaming. If you watch all of these, I promise you that your algorithmically-generated recommendations will be interesting for some time to come.

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Books I Read in September

1 October 2019

Reading went pretty well this month. Maybe my Goodreads yearly reading challenge goal will smile kindly on me after all. Here are the books and screenplays I read in September.

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