Reading has been slow again this past month. I blame winter. But I’ve been reading a few screenplays, which I count as books, for counting purposes. Here’s what I read in March.

  • The Wife, Alafair Burke: Alafair Burke is one of the best thriller novelists writing right now. You basically can’t do any better if you’re in the mood for a thoughtful, engaging, woman-focused thriller. Her other most recent book, The Ex, is also worth reading.
  • Brick, The Brothers Bloom, and Looper, Rian Johnson: I mentioned Brick last month, but it seemed appropriate to include it as the trio of screenplays writer/director Rian Johnson makes available on his website. They’re all films I enjoyed quite a bit, but haven’t seen in a while, which is not a bad way to experience reading a screenplay. And these are all richly written screenplays with involving stories. Links up there are directly to the PDFs that you can download.
  • Barton Fink, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen: Lately I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Johnson’s screenplays and the Coens’, which is a pretty decent screenplay realm to bounce around. Barton Fink is a particular favorite film of mine, although, similar to the others I mentioned, I haven’t seen it in a while. You pick up different things from a screenplay than the completed film, although the Coens explicitly write with their direction in mind. Overall, however, I’m picking up screenplay rhythms by reading good ones.

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