For a few years now I've been offering virtual mentoring sessions for beginning tech speakers, specifically for those from minorities underrepresented in tech (people of color, white women and those who identify as LGBTQA and/or non-binary). We can discuss anything you have on your mind: how to find a good tech talk topic, how to write an abstract, how to submit to conferences, how to put together a slidedeck, how to practice speaking, how to build up enough confidence to get up on stage or all of the above. If you are involved in an industry or a community other than tech, I can also talk with you about general speaking tips.

I typically offer two thirty-minute sessions per one week and you can book sessions directly from this page. If you don't see any upcoming availabilities, sit tight. I only schedule a week or two ahead of time to guard against schedule issues. I also announce new sessions in my weekly newsletter. If you'd like to take a look at my speaking experience, I keep a list of my past events plus slides and videos at my speaking page.

If you are not a part of an underrepresented population but would still like a mentoring session, I would be happy to arrange it in exchange for a donation to one of the following groups: Girl Develop It, Black Girls Code, Code 2040 or Trans*H4CK. Please email me.