Introducing My Horror Writing Markets

About three years ago, I began sending my short fiction out for publication and instantly learned that sending your fiction out for publication is exhausting. I’m old and grizzled enough that having my work declined doesn’t crush me. But finding the right homes for the right pieces at the right times is almost as much work as the writing is. It requires a lot of research, organization, and regular refreshes of the same. So I made a system. And now I’m sharing it so anyone else interested can make use of it too.

I made an Airtable database that lists all of the magazines that publish horror and dark fiction and put it on the new Markets page of my website. I’m still adding information, but I’ll be keeping this updated with current publications and publishers, plus contest and anthologies. Also, here in the Writing Markets category of my Notes, I’ll be regularly posting collections of upcoming submission calls.

If anyone has contributions, suggestions and/or corrections, you can email me. If this takes off, I might spin it into its own website and newsletter. But, for now, it’ll just hang out here.

It’s hard enough to write. Hopefully sharing our tools makes it a little easier.

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