The Marshal of the Misfits

From 1963-1966, television horror host Ghoulardi ruled Cleveland. Years later, his influence still runs strong in the city and those who came from it. This is how it happened.

Newsletter Essays

In each of my weekly email newsletters, I write a short essay about whatever's on my mind that week. I collect them at their own website, Modern Adventuress.

Other Essays

The Mechanics of Mentoring

Why and how I do beginner tech speaker mentoring.

Little Bastard

Remembering James Dean.

34 Things I've Learned in Life that I Want to Tell My Daughter

A list.


About Springsteen, stories and how to tell my own.

The Antiheroine

What my Twitter username really means.

Comic Books for Girls

A list of my favorite comic books I think all girls should read.

Flattening Design

What the debate behind the debate of skeuomorphism is really about.

Confessions of a Semi-Amateur Speaker

How to be a successful speaker ... I think.

Why I Want You To Copy My Writing

People have asked me why I make my writing so freely available on the internet. Mostly, I think an open culture of ideas and creativity is neat.

Books for Girls

A list of my favorite books I think all girls should read.

The Chuck Jones School of Creativity

Inspiration sometimes comes from unlikely sources. Mine comes from a guy who drew talking animals.

How to Avoid Feminist Burnout

I've been an activist, online and off, for feminist causes for some time now. I've learned a thing or two about how to stay in it for the long run without losing your spirit.

The White Knight

Thinking about Raymond Chandler, Philip Marlowe and the tragedy of trying to do what's right.

Girls, Violence and Dragon Tattoos

Condemning violent stories featuring women as exploitative is only scratching the surface of the story.

So in America When the Sun Goes Down

Why I still love Jack Kerouac.