Jen Myers, millionaire playgirl

I’m a technologist and writer in Chicago. I publish a weekly email newsletter called Modern Adventuress and write other things here and there around the internet.

I have a background as a front-end web developer, tech educator and a diversity and inclusion advocate. In 2011, I became a chapter founder and teacher with Girl Develop It, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing coding classes for women, and in 2013 I founded and taught Code and Cupcakes Chicago, a series of coding workshops for mothers and daughters. I currently am a Senior Curriculum Developer at Flatiron School. I have spoken extensively about web design and development, diversity/inclusion and tech education, and I sometimes mentor beginning tech speakers from underrepresented minorities.

You can follow me on Twitter. You can see my read books at Goodreads and watched films at Letterboxd. I keep a comprehensive yearly media log as well. You can also send me actual mail, which might receive actual mail in return, at:

P.O. Box #13114
Chicago, IL 60613