Storytelling School

A series of essay documenting my self-guided studies in storytelling, writing and filmmaking.

Reading List

Going Back to School

Noir Friday

A monthly look at a classic film noir. (Coming July 2018.)


Reconsidering a television series, one episode at a time. (Coming July 2018.)


Pieces published externally.

The Names We Choose for Ourselves: Mothers, Daughters and Lady Bird

Bright Wall Dark Room

Background Processes

The Human in the Machine project


Longform features published on my own website.

The Marshal of the Misfits

From 1963-1966, television horror host Ghoulardi ruled Cleveland. Years later, his influence still runs strong in the city and those who came from it. This is how it happened.


Technical how-tos and what-not.

Using HTTPS with GitHub Pages + Custom Domains

How to set up HTTPS with an existing GitHub Pages website using a custom domain


From 2014 to 2017, I wrote a brief essay every week in my email newsletter, Modern Adventuress, and made it freely available. All of the essays are collected at the Modern Adventuress archive. At the beginning of 2018, I moved the weekly essays to the premium edition of the newsletter and that archive is available to premium subscribers.