Recently: 10 August

Hello, friends and enemies. It’s time for my August Twitter break, so I plan to spend more time writing for my website and newsletter.

I’ve had a couple of film essays kicking around in my head for a while and I believe this is the time to get at least one of them out. If you like weird horror films, then you’ll be in luck. If you don’t like weird horror films, maybe you’ll like reading about one anyway.

This past summer I took up semi-serious photography (i.e., taking photos with a real camera and not just my phone), so watch for more photos hitting the site as I continue to practice. I even devised a new mobile workflow so I can post photos at my website during my upcoming vacation. (Despite the fact that it sounds like I’m doing extra work over vacation, please rest assured this is a fun thing for me.)

You can get all the writings and photos by subscribing to my RSS feed, or, if you’re old-fashioned, slap up a bookmark to this here website and come back periodically for a stroll. It’s the digital equivalent of chasing a wooden hoop around with a stick or whatever. Refreshing.

Or you can subscribe to my newsletter and I’ll just send you links to everything. I’ve neglected the monthly newsletter for the past couple of months, but I will return at the end of August, so if you’re into getting a digest of things I’ve posted/done/photographed/mused (including my podcast), sign up for the newsletter now.

Speaking of the podcast, we’re also taking a break over there during August. Look for new episodes in September.

While I was growing up, I lived in a very rural area and went to a school that customarily began only after the farmers had exhibited at the large county fair on Labor Day weekend. My daughter’s school has been creeping its start date earlier and earlier the past two years, but years before that it also began only after Labor Day. In my mind, summer still lasts until the very end of August. I’ll never truly be convinced that August is not for one last deep dive into whatever brings you pleasure before September, school and schedules come for you. And so that is what I will be doing.


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