A white horse leads a trolley with a smiling conductor around the hub in front of the castle
White textured geometric shapes form the top edge of the It's a Small World ride against a blue sky and line of green trees; the round white and gold face in the middle wears a large Santa hat
The bright red Disneyland Railroad train travels in front of the textured white and gold panels of the It's a Small World ride
The thin skeleton figure of Jack Skellington, dressed in a red Santa outfit, perches on top of the gate to the Haunted Mansion; behind him, the white New Orleans-style mansion is decorated with black ribbons and orange jack o' lanterns
A section of the upper outside level of the Haunted Mansion, a white New Orleans-style building with pale green decorative grating, with a large holiday wreath and a sign reading O days until Xmas
The top section of the Millennium Falcon spaceship resting beneath a jagged line of rock
The top section of the Millennium Falcon spaceship at night, the jagged rocks above lit deep blue
A beige-colored stone relief portrait of Mr. Toad at Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
A yellow and red monorail printed with Mickey Mouse travels in front of the snowy peak of the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride under a soft blue sky
Through an open door with an exit sign, a conductor in a dark blue uniform stares ahead, waiting for a train to arrive
The curved edge of a textured silver sweep of building, dotted with raised dark blue planters, a dark blue night sky overhead

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